The facilitator toolbox

Craft your training

Bring your training session to life with planned interactive activities
An illustration of the workshop editor, with 2 avatars in the toolbar, and the 'Add activity' menu opened.
Craft Together

Carefully craft each activity using our collaborative workshop editor.


Face to face conversations with your participants. Promote participants to quickly form a panel.

A grid of people with 2 avatars bigger than the other, at the top, forming a panel.
A facilitator sharing their screen to a group of participants below.
Screen Sharing

Share your screen for a lecture or a demo. More than one person can share at the same time.


Get participants on their feet during spatial exerices. Cluster their personalities, experiences, and more.

A group of people on a 2d canvas with 4 arrows on 2 axis.
A whiteboard with some shapes and some sticky notes, and 2 mouse cursors: one marked 'Dorothy' and one marked 'Alice'.
Idea Boards

Ideate using lines, shapes, text boxes, arrows, sticky notes, and more.


Get insights into what your audience is feeling and thinking.

An abstract representation of a poll with the question 'What would you like to practice more of?' and 3 bars underneath with different lengths. The middle bar has a checkmark at the end.
A board of cards with illegible handwriting, organized as a mosaic.

Participants can submit questions throughtout the session. Other participants can upvote questions.


Add regular breaks to your agenda, to keep everyone feeling fresh.

Illustration of a hanging 'We'll be right back' sign.

Facilitation Tools

A screenshot of a whiteboard with a timer window floating on top showing 7 minutes and 24 seconds left, a pause button, and a reset button.

Visible to all participants, with a chime at the end.

A presentation called 'Advanced PowerPoint Techniques'. A floating window on top showing 2 files: 'Exercise' and 'Starting presentation.pptx'

Provide material for an activity, or share your slides.

A mosaic of people with a floating music player that plays a song called 'Bright morning'.

Energize or create focus with background music.

A screenshot of the chat sidebar with a chat between 2 people exchanging snippets of code during an introduction to React workshop.
Rich-text Chat

With full Markdown support

An end-to-end experience

Spatial waiting room

No more "Waiting for the host" message. Participants are engaging even before the session starts.

A group of people scattered on a canvas, representated by circles, with sound waves emanating from one person.
A card showing one question 'Overall, how satisfied are you with this training?' and a 5-star scale showing a 4-star rating.
Exit Survey

Increase completion rate by showing the survey right when people leave.


Learn what worked and what didn't with in-depth analytic reports.Coming Soon

A screenshot of a report showing various information about the global workshop, and specific activities.