PopStage vs. Zoom

More than plain video grids

Bring your workshops to life with planned interactive activities
Spatial waiting rooms

Provide an open space for your participants to interact with each other before your workshop begins.

A group of people scattered on a canvas, representated by circles, with sound waves emanating from one person.
A list of activities in an agenda, with some activities grayed out and done, and some activities not started yet.
Time tracking agendas

Create an organized agenda to help guide you during your workshop.

Intuitive breakout rooms

Easily pop into other breakout rooms to keep the conversation going!

Boxes showing different groups of people in different breakout rooms.

Simple, yet powerful tools

A screenshot of a moderator chat with 2 facilitators talking about the pace of the workshop, and privately worried about a participant.
Moderator chat

No more missing messages from your co-moderators or constantly switching between other applications!

A grid of 6 stylized people. 3 of them with bubbles over their heads. One with a heart, one with a thumbs-up, and one with a hand raised.

Get more participation with reactions during your workshop and easily spot anyone who has a question.

No more switching tabs

From pre-workshop planning, in-session facilitation, and iterating post-workshop, we've got it covered!
Workshop editor

Easily organize your activities in your agenda using drag and drop.

An illustration of the workshop editor, with 2 avatars in the toolbar, and the 'Add activity' menu opened.
A whiteboard with some shapes and some sticky notes, and 2 mouse cursors: one marked 'Dorothy' and one marked 'Alice'.

Brainstorm and collaborate directly on PopStage without having to switch platforms or ask your users to enter codes or create accounts.


Participants can post and vote on questions they want answered throughout the workshop.

A screenshot of the question and answer sidebar, showing submitted questions related to hiring, interviews, and diversity.
A card showing one question 'Overall, how satisfied are you with this training?' and a 5-star scale showing a 4-star rating.
Exit survey

Increase response rates by integrating TypeForm so your feedback survey is the first thing your participants see when they leave.

Feature-based comparison

Seamless co-faciliation
Collaborative workshop editor
Fully-featured whiteboard
Q&A integration
Interactive breakout rooms
Post-workshop surveys
Engaging spatial waiting room
Moderator chat
Agenda w/ time tracking
File & Material attachments
Music player
Number of participants
up to 50
Zoom Pro
up to 100