Bring your training program to life

PopStage gives your training program the feeling of being in the same room by offering flexible layouts for each activity type: lectures, polls, breakout, whiteboards, and more.

Engage your participants

Close the gap between online and in-person by adding space and interactivity to your training program.
Spatial canvas

Some activities become possible when people can move around a 2D canvas.

A group of people on a 2d canvas with 4 quadrants: 'Action' on top, 'Stability' at the bottom, 'People' on the right, and 'Task' on the left.
A groupd of people in the background with 3 small windows on top: A music player, a timer, and a file to download.
Activities Toolbox

Energize the room with music, add timers, or attach files like activity material.

Idea Boards

Ideate using lines, shapes, text boxes, arrows, sticky notes, and more.

A whiteboard with some shapes and some sticky notes, and 2 mouse cursors: one marked 'Dorothy' and one marked 'Alice'.
An abstract representation of a poll with the question 'What would you like to practice more of?' and 3 bars underneath with different lengths. The middle bar has a checkmark at the end.
Quick polls

Get insights into what your audience is feeling, or thinking about.

Built for you, facilitators

PopStage is purpose-built to design and host interactive workshops, bootcamps, webinars, and training sessions. PopStage goes beyond traditional offerings by offering a seamless moderator and participant experience.
Illustration of a green camera icon with concentric circles around it.
Robust Audio and Video

PopStage has got your back with its built-in redundancy using different service providers.

Illustration of a lock in a bubble with other bubbles around it.
Private and Secure

PopStage doesn't store any information related to your participants, and is fully GDPR compliant.

Portrait photo of Sohrab Salimi
Sohrab Salimi
Managing Partner at Agile Academy

At Agile Academy we have always aimed for a premium learning experience. Great and unique venues used to contribute to that, and now PopStage allows us to create this premium experience in live, online trainings. I am very excited about PopStage and proud to be an evangelist for the product and an advisor to the team!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, don't hesistate to ask!

Why should I use PopStage?

Popstage is specifically built for facilitators to design and host engaging and interactive training sessions, as effortlessly as possible.

Is PopStage secure?

Popstage uses a secure connection between participants and our service providers, LiveKit and Twilio. Your content is handled with the utmost care.

How many participants do you support in one session?

We support up to 50 participants per session.

Do participants need an account to join a workshop?

Nope! Participants can join from any browser by clicking the workshop invite link.

Do I need an account to host workshops?

To design and host workshops, you need an account.